Projection Calculator

Are you saving enough for your retirement?

The calculator below will assist you to see the impact of your choice of member contribution on your expected pension.

Member Date of Birth
Spouse's date of birth (Husband or Wife)
Enter your spouse's date of birth or leave as is if not married
Planned Retirement Age
Member's gender
Current MONTHLY pensionable pay
Refer to your latest payslip.
Pensionable pay is basic salary for Salary Plus employees (Grade 10 and below)
and 75% of TGP for TGP employees (Grade 9 and above)
Total retirement savings in TFG Retirement Fund (Fund value)
Please refer to your latest benefit statement for your fund value or request it from
Total value of any other retirement savings
This amount refers to any external retirement savings
that you have other than the TFG Retirement Fund
Member Contribution rate
Employer Contribution rate
Additional Voluntary MONTHLY Contributions (AVC)
Whilst your opportunity to change your member contribution is limited,
you can make a once off or monthly AVC at anytime.
Whilst a moderate growth rate is expected from investment markets, the Trustees employ active asset managers in an attempt to move the growth rate closer to the high growth path. The calculator also assumes that your retirement savings and monthly contributions remain invested without withdrawal until retirement age.

Should you not be able to save the amounts indicated above to provide the pension that you will need, you will have to be prepared to find alternative employment/income after your retirement from TFG.

Please note that this statement contains estimated values based on a set of assumptions, which are in no way guaranteed. Please click HERE for a full description of all the assumptions underlying these projections.