Two Pot System

The TFG Retirement Fund Roadshow was presented in May 2024 and included a number of topics such as: The importance of preservation and the Two Pot System, to name a few. Below is the link to the recording of one of these sessions, the presentation and a link to the Alexforbes My Money Matters Toolkit website, where you can get more information related to Two Pot.


Annual Trustee Reports

For the year ended 31 December 2022

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Interesting Articles

Your Will Your Way National Wills Week:12-16 September 2022

You work hard all your life to make sure your family
is looked after. When you are gone, you want the
things you spent so many years working to earn to
carry on benefiting your loved ones.
Celebrating our wonderful women

More than half of South Africa’s population is female. Data from StatsSA shows that the life expectancy of women in South Africa in 2020 was 71.3 years while that of men was 64.6 years.

Have you updated your beneficiary nominations?

Did you know? In the event of your passing whilst employed by TFG, you are covered for a death benefit of 5 times your annual pensionable pay.
Getting out of the Financial Wood of the Pandemic

Over the past two years, the retirement 
fund industry has experienced far higher numbers of members wanting access to their retirement savings early, with some even wanting to stop saving for retirement.
Financial struggles can feel like a deep, dark forest that it is all too easy to get lost in.
Pensioners Update Pensioners Update

As previously communicated, the administrative function of TFG Retirement Services has been outsourced to Alexander Forbes. This change does not impact pension payment dates. Your next payment is scheduled for 29 March 2022.

to ask your financial advisor
outsouorce Retirement Services Admin Outsource Announcement

Retirement Services will be outsourcing its administrative function to Alexander Forbes as of the 1st of March 2022
Additional Voluntary Funeral Contribution


Infographic tile Savings Hacks

Managing expenses to maximise your savings can be difficult during these tough financial times. Here are some money saving hacks to get your savings on track.

National Budget 2021
The Bare Bones of the Annual Budget

The aspects that affect you directly
Compound Interest Compound Interest

Five Ways to make the most out of compound interest
Additional Voluntary Funeral Contribution

We have reviewed the funeral benefit for employees and immediate family and
benefits have increased

National Wills Week will take place from 26-30 October 2020

Members of the public have been urged to take advantage of the opportunity to have their wills drafted for free during National Wills Week.
Single parenthood Single Parenthood

Raising children alone and being their only caregiver is a huge responsibility. 
Impact of covid 19 How Covid-19 impacted members’ financial behaviour

The results shown are based on the statistics of the female respondents, who represent 65% of the respondents.
Teach your children Teach your children some helpful tricks

Talk about money as a family
Set the example
Make them budget, save and invest from an early age 
Finances and Group Mentality How to stop group mentality from wrecking your finances

Seeing other pursuing self-improvement encourages us to do the same.  In January in particular, many people tend to make positive resolutions.
Newsflash Retirement Fund Newsflash

The current volatility in the investment markets & how it impacts your retirement savings
Coronavirus Coronavirus

Stay up to date with reliable information and take care of yourself
Budget Speech 2020
Budget Speech

At the start of last year's National Budget Speech, Finance Minister Tito Mboweni drew out his Aloe Ferox plant.  This year, it made another appearance during the speech, as he reminded the millions of citizens watching and listening that some organisms thrive when times are tough.
Money Choices

Money Choices

When someone's income increases, it's usually visible in the way their lifestyle changes.  The markers of financial success are often believed to be bigger houses, luxury vehicles, expensive schools and exotic getaways: all the accepted signs of having 'made it'.

Reward yourself

Additional Voluntary Contribution

In addition to the tax saving you will receive, you will also be rewarded over the long term by the interest that you earn on the amount you save today!

National Will Week

National Wills Week will take place from 16-20 September 2019

Members of the public have been urged to take advantage of the opportunity to have their wills drafted for free during National Wills Week.

woman make things work

Woman make things work

Woman and their retirement savings

Understanding compound interest Understanding Compound Interest

Compounding occurs when the returns on an investment are not spent but reinvested to generate even better returns.
Woman in the Workplace Woman in the Workplace

Woman in the workplace need to consider various life events that could interrupt their working career or impact their contributions towards their retirement savings plan.
Spice up your Budget Planning How to spice up your budget planning

Embrace apps or clever features on websites to help make your monthly budgeting less dull.  You can also Click here for our own budgeting tool.
Divorce and your Retirement Divorce and Your Retirement

The decision to divorce is never an easy one.  Make the process as smooth as possible by keeping your documents in order.
Are you being tax-smart about your retirement?

T-A-X... is a word we would like to see banished from the earth.  NO ONE likes to pay tax, but there are ways you can make tax work for you, especially when you are saving for retirement.

    Living to be 100 - How to keep your finances on track

People are living longer. And while this can be a gift, it does pose some risks when it comes to saving enough for retirement. 
How to gain financial independence as a young adult

One’s first payday marks the first day towards becoming a financially independent adult. Here are four ‘getting real’ tips new employees need to consider while holding that payslip.
Manage your money. Look forward to your future!

How to get into the habit of planning ahead and making sure that your financial future is sweet.
Build today. Benefit tomorrow.

It doesn't have to be hard to secure your future. There are a few simple tips you can follow to free up your finances.
Making the right choices from the start

If you're just beginning your career, being financially responsible may not be on your list of priorities. Read our article to find out why you should be considering your future right now.
A tale of temptation

There is a valuable lesson to be learned about planning for the future in our latest article.

Quick News

16 Feb 2021
TFG Retirement Fund

Rule changes relating to your member contributions
Contribute more to your retirement
16 May 2017
Pay less tax by making Additional Voluntary Contributions to your retirement Fund.
Update your Nomination of Beneficiary form
21 Nov 2016
Find out how to nominate your beneficiaries.