The following benefits are available to all active members of the Fund who are employed by the company and under normal retirement age. These benefits also apply to disability members who belong to the Fund and are under normal retirement age. 

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Click on “Summary of Benefits” below for a quick overview of your benefits. You also have the option to read a detailed explanation of each benefit.

Summary of Benefits

Withdrawal Benefit
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You may withdraw your full Fund Value upon resignation or retrenchment from the company, provided that you are under the age of 65. The Fund Value includes all the contributions you and the company have made, plus investment returns (positive or negative). Withdrawal benefits are subject to tax. Members are strongly encouraged to preserve (save) their Fund Value in order to meet their retirement goals.

It is also very important to remember that any amount taken as a cash withdrawal benefit will impact the tax-free portion of the amount you take as a lump sum at retirement benefit. 

Retirement Benefit
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The Fund offers a monthly pension that is secured by the member's Fund Value at date of retirement. The benefit is payable for life.


Disability Benefit
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The disability benefit is a monthly benefit of 75% of pensionable pay. This benefit is subject to capping and evidence of health limits, as well as other policy conditions as determined by the insurer. 

Death Benefit while in service
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5 x annual pensionable pay plus Fund Value

Death Benefits are payable in accordance with section 37C of the Pension Funds Act.

Funeral Benefit
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Member and Spouse  R30 000 
Child Age 14 – 21 R15 000 
Child Age 6 – 13 R6 000 
Child under Age 6 R3 000 

Additional Voluntary Funeral Benefit

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The company offers an additional voluntary funeral benefit at a premium, which is payable by the employee. The premium is R19.70 per month and offers the following additional benefits:

For a small amount of R19,70 (deducted from your salary monthly), you can increase this cover to an ADDITIONAL pay-out as follows:  
Member and Spouse  R25 000
Child Age 14 – 21 R15 000 
Child Age 6 – 13 R7 500 
Child under Age 6 R3 000 

Log on to People Connect and complete the Additional Voluntary Funeral Cover application, under Benefits.


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